Opening Hours

Monday 8h - 12h / 13h - 17h
Tuesday 8h - 12h / 13h - 17h
Wednesday 8h - 13h / 14h - 17h
Thursday 8h - 12h / 13h - 17h
Friday Fermé

Payment Methods

To facilitate the payment and meet the requirements of insurance companies, the total cost of treatment can be divided into monthly payments, and no cost of credit or interest. The fee may be tax deductible.

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In case of injury to the mouth or teeth, you should consult your dentist first. An x-ray will be required if tooth loss occurred or in the event of a severe fracture due to an accident.

If you experience problems with your orthodontic device such as protruding brace wires, loose bands or brackets, call us as soon as possible and give us a brief description of the situation. We’ll discuss its urgency with you and we’ll do our best to see you at a time that works for you.

If you feel pain, cannot reach us (on weekends or holidays) and cannot receive an emergency treatment from your dentist, you can contact Ottawa Dental Emergency at 613-523-4185.

While waiting for your emergency appointment, orthodontic wax can be used to relieve irritation caused by a dental device or protruding wire.