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Orthodontic care

Orthodontics for children

Orthodontics for children

Seven years old is the ideal age for a first consultation because this is when adult or permanent teeth appear in the mouth and certain anomalies, such as palatal constriction, can be corrected.
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Orthodontics for Teens

The ideal age to begin orthodontic treatment is about 11 years old. At this age, the child is in full growth, which allows us to restore the jaw relationship and alignment of the teeth as well as any other problem to its full potential.
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Orthodontics for Teens

Orthodontics for adults

Adults of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatments, so you can get the smile you've always wanted!
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Orthodontists specialize in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dentofacial irregularities. Orthodontists receive advanced academic training. At first, they must complete four or five years of dentistry study at a university recognized by the Canadian Dental Association.
They must then successfully complete a two-to-three-year residency in orthodontics. Their post-graduate studies cover topics such as genetics, embryology, biophysics and the growth and development of the human body. Only dentists who have successfully completed such training can call themselves orthodontists.

Orthodontics can correct the following:

  • Over-bite or under-bite
  • Long face
  • Excessively gummy smiles
  • Too much (or not enough) spacing between teeth
  • Lips that do not close completely
  • Asymmetrical smiles
  • Cleft lip and/or palate (harelip)

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